Attention all DIY-ers!!
What you see before you is a flute head joint that has had its tuning cork super glued in. Please do not attempt to super glue anything on or in an instrument! Not only can super glueing a tuning cork in place make it untunable, but it also makes the old cork extremely hard to remove in shop during cleaning or replacement. If a flute tuning cork is loose or falling out, bring it in and one of our repair technicians will be happy to help!

Warning! Warning!
There really is such thing as "too stuck."
Don't use screw drivers, pliers, hammers, etc.! These tools can cause more damage to the stubborn valve. Let us help!

Bring in your instrument and we'll get that pesky stuck valve out and working like new!

Oooooo! Aaaaaa!
Your flute deserves a spa day! Bring your flute in today for a Clean, Oil and Adjust!
We'll clean and polish the body! Shine and oil the keys!
Check and adjust the pads!

Attention French horn players!
Rotors feeling sluggish? Slides getting stuck more and more? It's time for a deep clean!
Bring in your french horn, single or double, today for a chem clean bath to make your rotors and slides feel like new! We'll even re-string your horn for you!
Don't the second ones look shiny?!


Ok, ok, so it's not alive, but it is gross!  We recommend bringing in your horn once a year for assessment and cleaning! Don't let your horn become the home of a bacterial colony! Ewww!

Play a secondary instrument?

This poor guy desperately needed a chem bath! This level of corrosion is what can happen with out yearly servicing. Don't let this happen to your secondary instrument! Bring in your horn today for it's chem clean spa day!

It deserves it!

​​Charlotte Band Instrument Service